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Real Estate Investing is a business that has may moving parts just like any big business, so eventually you will need hired help. Affording hired help in the United states while still transitioning from your start-up phase can be TOUGH! so that’s why when the time comes, the savviest Investors hire help from abroad.


Now its not very easy to hire someone from across the world and trust them to do some of your most important tasks and even take a leadership position! This isn’t easy at all.

What you have to learn how to do is first and foremost define what position you need, become really good at recruiting and recognizing talent, and then master the art of managing self starters. Below is a series of diagrams that will show you how to hire and manage Virtual Assistants the RIGHT WAY!

Virtual Assistants For Wholesaling

These 3 Pillars are extremely important. You cannot run a successful business without hiring the right people, paying them correctly, and managing them effectively.

Virtual Assistants For Wholesaling

These are the top 4 positions for a reason. In the Real Estate Investing Business, especially in Wholesaling, you will need these positions, with the Inside Sales Position being the most crucial. Inside sales are in charge of qualifying all your leads to determine if they are motivated or not and handles those leads accordingly.

The video below will break down exactly what these diagrams mean and all the ins and outs of hiring, managing, paying, and re-training your Virtual Assistants.

CLICK HERE To watch our video presentation on this subject. This WILL NOT Disappoint!


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