Systems are extremely important for your Real Estate Investing Business. This business has many moving parts and you want to bring all those moving parts together to form one big machine.

If you want to be able to travel, work less, and be more productive, and be able to make more money, you have to have processes in place. I use to do a-lot of things in this business manually. For example, making an offer to a seller used to take a LIFE TIME! until I automated the process and connected and used some of the systems below.

Operational Systems

PODIO – The Most Important System “CRM”

REDFIN – Comps & Property Information

LEGAL ZOOM – Incorporate your business (LLC Creation)

NOTARIZE – Online Notary Service

DROPLR – Screen Capture Cloud Software

MILE BUG – Keep Track Of Your Business Miles

WAY OF LIFE – Keep Track Of Your Business Miles

XMIND – Productivity & Planning


AWESOME NOTE – Best Note Taking App Out There

CAM SCANNER – Take Pictures Of Contrats and Turn Them To PDF’s.

FAX FILE – Mobile Fax From Your Phone

Marketing Systems

AUTOMATION PACK – Learn How To Automate Your Business.

AUTOMATION PACK DONE-FOR-YOU – Get Your Business Automated For You.

BANDIT SIGN RICHES – Kill Your Competition with Bandit Signs!

AWEBER – Email Marketing MUST HAVE!


DIRT CHEAP SIGNS – Best site for Bandit Signs

YELLOW LETTERS COMPLETE – Hand Written Letters & Postcards.

LISTSOURCE – Absentee Owners List and Lists based on Demographics and Geography

REBOGATEWAY – Divorce, Tax Lien, Probate Lists

Sales Systems

WHOLESALE SALES PACK – Everything “Sales”

WHOLESALE SPREADSHEET PACK – Everything “Spreadsheets”

WHOLESALE CONTRACT PACK – Everything “Contracts”

MOJO DIALER – Cold Calling Seller Leads

CAM SCANNER – Take Pictures Of Contracts and Turn Them To PDF’s.

FAX FILE – Mobile Fax From Your Phone

Human Resources Systems


GRASSHOPPER – Your Business Phone System On The Clod

PAYPAL – Receive and Send Money Online

FRESHBOOKS – Best Accounting Software

VISTA PRINT – Business Cards

XMIND – Mindmap Software