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When people in this industry think of hiring employees they typically start off by hiring Virtual Assistants for Real Estate Investors because when you start off in this business, you are just a One-Man-Show.

Eventually as your business gets larger, you will also need to hire contractors and regular w2 employees to help you in your office. But for now you will just start off as a One-Man-Show.


Assigning the contract is when you get a property under contract with the seller, using A Purchase and Sale Agreement with the seller. This Contract you sign with the seller will give you the right to buy the

Starting off, you will do everything from Bookkeeping, Sales, Data Entry, Marketing, Building Websites, and so on. and it comes a time when you have to take off some of those hats (stop working all those positions).

If you don’t take off the hats, you will eventually burn out. Even if you are really good at closing and doing deals, you will need to delegate some tasks and also teach someone else how to do what you do, after all you got in this business to run a business, not for the business to run you.


The first hired help solution would be to hire Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Assistants. Most of your daily tasks can be done by someone abroad just because the technology we have access to nowadays makes it possible but there are tasks where you just need real “live” people to handle.

Below is a video of a Mindmap of all the positions we have and/need in our Wholesaling Business. These are physical employees, contractors, and Virtual Assistants.


I got into this business because I saw a possibility of me never having to work for another person again! and so far that has come true. What also appealed to me was the fact that i could structure my business in a way where I can make money and also have time. I mean what good is it to make money and not have any time to enjoy it or use it?

Building a Full-Service Wholesale business is vital if you are considering becoming a Real Estate Wholesaler because no matter if you start holding properties for cashflow, flipping houses, building houses, or whatever other niches in Real Estate Investing, you will need LEADS!

Ultimately all your leads and deals will come from your Wholesale Business and how you exit from those deals is up to you. The skills you acquire from this business will be needed in your future Real Estate endeavors and just business endeavors period and thats why it’s important that you build this business correctly where eventually you have little to no involvement.



CICK HERE To learn more about how to hire Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Assistants.


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