Coming Soon..

The How2flip family of Blogs, Courses, Systems, Literature, and much more will be back

Currently we are switching hosting providers to our own self hosted platform. Our Ip was blocked by our recent platform and for the last 3 months of 2020 we were getting form spammed and attacked by bots with no help or solution from our host.

Nothing we could do because we don't have access to their server. This will be a long process to transfer out all our content and the ones we cannot transfer we'll have to recreate. We are working to come back bigger and better! stay tuned.

If you are already a part of our How2flip Platform and have a membership, you will have full access to the new system and access to any upgrades except new software that we introduce, for example, (CRM platform, Automation Platforms, etc). I am sorry we have to do things this way but its the only way to move forward and solve a problem but also elevate the brand to suit this new Virtual Economy.

2020 has brought a lot of changes in how we do business. We are located in Washington State, the state that first encountered Covid-19 in the United States and we have been locked down since March 2020. I created a training site called right before our website and hosting issues. This Course was to teach you how to Wholesale Virtually and also partner with me here in Seattle if you wanted to do business here virtually.

Everything will be back to normal in time, and if you are interested in any program that we have or want to see what we come up with when we re-open, I will add a waiting list form below soon.