ARV Stands for After Repair Value and that is the value of a home after its fixed up. Fixed Up Means Rehabbed and completely updated. The ARV can be determined by Yourself or you can task a Realtor to do it.


Newbie investors typically ask what is the arv formula? how to find the arv? Is there a spreadsheet for this?

ARV is not too hard to find it just takes some getting use to. You can use systems like REDFIN, PELLEGO, PROPERTY RADAR, and the MLS to determine the ARV of a property. On these websites you can search for homes sold within the last 90 days with similar features and characteristics. Here is the Criteria:

  • 3 houses Built Around The Same Year +/- up to 5 years (you can play with this based on availability of similar properties, like in rural areas, it might be hard)
  • 3 houses that are clean or rehabbed after selling in the last 90 days
  • 3 houses with similar square footage +/- 300
  • 3 Houses that have the same amount of stories (rambler = rambler split level = split level)
  • .2 mile radius or go up to .5 if in a rural area
  • Same number of bathrooms and beds

The average number of these houses that match this criteria is your After Repair Value (ARV). See the video below for a deeper understanding.

how to find the arv, How To Calculate The (ARV) After Repair Value, How2Flip

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