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Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Do your very first Real Estate transaction, learn how to automate your wholesaling business, and scale your business by learning how To hire virtual assistants for Wholesale Real Estate Investing.

How2flip is a Company that is creating a community by helping regular people replace their job with the belief that for the most part, a job and sometimes a business (100% owner operated, 1 man show) is hindering the individual from achieving Financial Freedom.

Not only that, but also the freedom to travel, freedom to watch your kids instead of putting them through daycare, Freedom to choose what days and times you want to work or not work, and ultimately the freedom to pursue your passions and be fulfilled in this short life we live.


 How2flip was started by Evans Ojwang in 2016. We briefly launched the official website but the official launch was in 2019. Before the website, Evans was helping local Real Estate investors in his current market and also online.

With the increase and demand for his time and knowledge, he decided to start this platform so he could pour out all he knew with the hopes he could help someone and make an impact.

With today’s technology, you can literally build a business and work on that business from anywhere in the world. The internet, computers, and smartphones have made the #1 way to generate wealth in America, Real Estate Investing, even more attainable to the average citizen. You can literally start and run a business from your home. I started in my bedroom desk and made my first business profits from that same room!


 At How2flip.net, we focus on a technique called Wholesaling. This technique can literally make your $5,000 or more in your first month of business without actually picking up a hammer and fixing the house! A lot of Gurus teach this technique and there are “Real Estate Professionals” out there who are wholesaling, but what we teach you is how to create, what we call, a Full-Service Wholesale Business.

 What that is, is a fully systemized business that can allow you to work part-time while making a full-time income. This will buy back the time that you are losing while working at your job. Whether you are a new or a current Wholesaler, you can start your business, learn how to automate your wholesaling business, Scale that business by learning how to hire virtual assistants for wholesaling and physical employees, and eventually take off all the different hats you are currently wearing on will be wearing.


 When you become part of our community you can:

  • Do your very first Real Estate transaction within 30 days if you follow our advice step by step.
  • If you are already in the business, you can gain a new perspective and new information that can propel your business higher.
  • Build a successful Real Estate Investing Business that can deliver you to a level of Financial Freedom.
  • You will learn How To Wholesale Real Estate and if you already have a business, How To Automate Your Wholesaling Business.
  • How To Hire virtual assistants for wholesaling
  • Overall you will not only leverage the 7+ years of evaluated experience from us but dozens of years from other community members.

The Wholesale Technique

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Easy to read and understand. I will detail step-by-step how I did my first deal ($8,000) to doing my biggest deal at the time, $55,000.

virtual assistants for wholesaling
Automate Your Wholesaling Business

The Wholesaling technique can literally make you $5,000 or more in your first month of business without actually picking up a hammer!

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