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This website is geared towards New and Current Real Estate Wholesalers who want to start their business or run their current one more efficiently.

Learn How To Automate Your Wholesaling Business and also how to hire real estate wholesaling virtual assistants. You will learn how to Start, Automate, Scale, and Replace yourself so you can have more freedom without sacrificing your profits.

With automated real estate wholesaling, your business can move even better sometimes without your direct involvement. You should be working on your business and not in it once you have set up all your systems and hired all the right people.

The Book Below is an Introduction To Myself and also show's you how to get started, and how you can do your first deal and make $5,000 to $55,000 or more in your first 30 days! After you read the book, I have a courses about Wholesaling Real Estate for Beginners.

Evans Ojwang


wholesale real estate investing

I started studying and learning about E-commerce and Affiliate marketing in 2006. I ran into an ad from a guy named Chris Campbell and his partner Matthew Sutherland. They showed me it was possible that I could live a laptop lifestyle.

In 2011 I joined a Network Marketing Team and started my own business. I stayed in the business but I wasn't too active, it was like something else was calling my name. I didn't feel I could unleash my full creativity in that type of business because I didn't feel like I fully owned it, Like I was a contractor for a company.

I started my Real Estate Business in 2012. I was reading a lot of books at the time, and mostly all of Robert Kiyosaki's books. Those books changed my thinking completely! it was like an epiphany! and I got hooked and sought out other authors with the same thinking. Those books changed my thinking completely! it was like an epiphany!

and I got hooked and sought out other authors with the same thinking. I grew up in the Seattle area and attended High School at Garfield High school, college at Highline Community College and then transferred to Shoreline Community college where I played Basketball.


Basketball taught me a lot about business before I even knew it. After Shoreline Community College I Attended Central Washington University for a year and then started my Full-Service Real Estate Solutions Company in 2012.

Fast forward to today, He has managed to build a good network of Investors and a rockstar team to help him in this venture, allowing him to buy and sell close to 30 Million dollars

worth of Real Estate in the first 7 years (worth Of Real Estate, not made 30 million, we will be there in time though lord willing) of business through extreme highs and deep lows. Business is one of my passions along with fitness, nutrition, traveling and basketball.


These last years, i've gained a wealth of knowledge that no one really personally taught me, I just had to tough it out and learn through trial and error, and also took my personal development very serious by reading, attending seminars, and paying for courses to further my education.

Overall I think I have an interesting story and this bio is just a small portion of it. Go download my Book Below to learn more about me, how I started, overcame obstacles, and how you can start your journey as well as an Entrepreneur.

Services & Digital Courses

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wholesale real estate investing

You will learn how to wholesale houses from scratch. This is a course that I created for anyone who has the ambition and the desire to improve their situation.

wholesale real estate investing

Wholesalers! Build A Free Buyers List and Connect With Cash Buyers, Realtors, And Other Wholesalers Nationwide To Do Deals!

wholesale real estate investing

Learn how to Wholesale Virtually in today's economy. Working remote is essential and I will show you exactly how to do this. Includes Courses below.

wholesale real estate investing

Learn how to automate your Real Estate Investment business. This course shows you how I automated my Wholesaling business and you can do the same.

Departmental Courses

Final Thoughts For 2022 and Beyond..

After Living In Mexico & Coming Back To The States..

Traveling out of your country for a long period of time, I believe, is a very important way to learn. The experience, especially if you are from the Western World, and you travel to a 2nd or third world country, will change your life forever!

One thing I noticed while I was in Mexico was; children were PLAYING OUTSIDE! all day everyday like we used to when we were young. They dig holes to look for treasure, play with Yo-Yo's, ride bikes, etc. They are 100% happier, living with 75% less than American Kids. They are not at home busy with ipads and cellphones.

Overall, to experience these things, you need to make money, and have the flexibility, and time. This is something I continually build upon.

The Wholesale Technique

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Easy to read and understand. I will detail step-by-step how I did my first deal ($8,000) to doing my biggest deal at the time, $55,000.

wholesale real estate investing
wholesale real estate investing

The Wholesaling technique can literally make you $5,000 or more in your first month of business without actually picking up a hammer!

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