This is a video Training Course that will teach you how to completely automate your Sales & Marketing process. You will get links of what systems to download and the video's will show you how to use them and sync everything together and much, much, more!

Podio Automation Video Training

  • Push Button Contract Generation

    Contracts will be able to be generated by the push of a button in Podio.

  • Emails & Phone Calls Come in Your Podio Apps

    Voicemails & Emails come through Podio. The Emails will be attached to related lead.

  • Email Blast To Buyers List From Podio

    Blast Deals to your VIP buyers with a Push Of a Button based on Zip Code.

  • Auto Generate Reports

    Generate Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Reports.

Real Estate Website Video Training

  • How To Build Buyer, Seller & main Website

    Learn How To Build Investor Carrot Websites and grow them!

  • Sync The Websites with Other Systems

    Make Sure the websites talk to all the other systems that can be connected to them. Making everything sync.

  • Automate Lead Generation & Follow-Up

    The websites are built to generate and nurture the leads. You will learn more about this.

  • Optimizing The Website

    Learn SEO, PPC, Articles, Blogs, and anything to make your site relevant.

Follow Up System Video Training

  • 1 year Text Message Follow-ups

    1 year Text Message Follow-ups. A Text Every 15-30 days automatically!

  • 1 Year Email Follow-ups

    An Automatic Email Goes Out every 15-30 days for 1 year!

  • 1 year voicemail follow-ups

    An Automatic Voiceblast Goes Out every 15-30 days for 1 year!

  • Direct Mail Follow-ups System

    We will Show you how to send Direct Mail In a Sequence.

Phone System Video Training

  • Virtual Phone System

    Virtual Phone that will be flexible and can be automated To Sync with everything.

  • Sync Phone System With Podio

    The Voicemails will come in Podio and turn in to leads.

  • Add A Phone Number For Each Marketing Channel

    A phone number for each marketing channel allows you to track the marketing channel.

  • Pull Valuable Call Reports

    See how many calls come in and from what channel. See what is working and what is not. You will find an ROI.

Online & Mobile Video Training

This Training will be held online. You can watch it Via your computer or your Mobile Phone or Tablet.

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