Daily Systems & Websites You Will Need..


Multi-Use Wholesaling Contracts Pack

Core Operational Systems 

  1. REDFIN-Comps and Property information

  2. LEGAL ZOOM-Set Up LLC Company

  3. NOTARIZE-Mobile Notary

  4. CALL RUBY-Virtual Receptionists

  5. HOMESNAP- Capture Homeowner Info while driving For Dollars

  6. WAY OF LIFE-Create a Daily Habit

  7. MILE BUG-Track your miles for Tax time

  8. AWESOME NOTE- Productivity

  9. XMIND-Mapping A Process

  10. IFTTT-All Around Automation Tool

  11. ZAPIER-All Around Automation Tool

  12. GLOBIFLOW-Podio Automation Tool

  13. INVESTOR CARROT-Real Estate Investor Websites

  14. DROPLR-Screen Capture/Share

  15. GRASSHOPPER--Cloud Phone System

  16. PODIO-Online CRM/Lead Manager

  17. SIMPLE CREW-Manage Bandit Sign Contractors

  18. RIGHT SIGNATURE-Digital Signatures for your Contracts

  19. ADOBE SIGN-Digital Signatures for your Contracts

  20. FAXFILE-Fax contracts on the Go

  21. PDF CONVERTER- Convert Pictures On Your Phone To PDF's

  22. CAM SCANNER- Take pictures of contracts and turn them to PDF's


  1. DIRT CHEAP SIGNS-Bandit Signs

  2. YELLOW LETTERS COMPLETE--Yellow Letters & Postcards

  3. CLICK 2 MAIL-Direct Mail Creation & Shipping

  4. AWEBER-Email Marketing

  5. WISITIA-Video Hosting

  6. CALL LOOP-Text & Voiceblast Marketing

  7. LISTSOURCE- Direct Mail Lists

  8. BANDIT SIGN SOLUTION-Put Up Bandit Signs

  9. REBO GATEWAY-Tax Lien, Divorce, Probate Lists

  10. PAGEMODO- Facebook Fan Page Management

  11. HOOTSUITE - Social Media Management

  12. CASH BUYERS, MOTIVATED SELLERS & PRIVATE LENDERS-"Free Trial" Find Motivated Sellers, Cash Buyers, and Private Lenders Instantly all in One Game Changing System!

  13. PRIVATE LENDERS- Fund Your Deals If Needed

  14. MOTIVATED SELLERS-Vacant House Seller Leads To Do deals

Sales Call/Appointment Pack 

Human Resources 

  1. HUBSTAFF-"BEST" Virtual Assistant Management Software

  2. ONLINE JOBS--Where To Hire Virtual Assistants

  3. QUICKBOOKS-Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping

  4. GUSTO-Payroll

  5. PAYPAL-Online Merchant Services

  6. HYDE MY ASS-Allows Foreign VA's to Post in the USA Craigslist.

  7. MY OUTDESK- Where To Hire Virtual Assistants

  8. FIVERR- Best Way To Hire A VA Per Project

Multi-Use Wholesaling Spreadsheets Pack 

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