Operational Systems

PODIO – The Most Important System “CRM”

GRASSHOPPER – Phone System On The Cloud

WHOLESALE CONTRACT PACK – Everything “Contracts”

WHOLESALE SPREADSHEET PACK – Everything “Spreadsheets”

REDFIN – Comps & Property Information

LEGAL ZOOM – Incorporate your business (LLC Creation)

NOTARIZE – Online Notary Service

DROPLR – Screen Capture Cloud Software

MILE BUG – Keep Track Of Your Business Miles

WAY OF LIFE – Keep Track Of Your Business Miles

XMIND – Productivity & Planning


AWESOME NOTE – Best Note Taking App Out There

CAM SCANNER – Take Pictures Of Contrats and Turn Them To PDF’s.

FAX FILE – Mobile Fax From Your Phone

Marketing Systems

AUTOMATION PACK – Learn How To Automate Your Business.

AUTOMATION PACK DONE-FOR-YOU – Get Your Business Automated For You.

BANDIT SIGN BILLIONS – Kill Your Competition with Bandit Signs!

AWEBER – Email Marketing MUST HAVE!

DIRT CHEAP SIGNS – Best site for Bandit Signs

YELLOW LETTERS COMPLETE – Hand Written Letters & Postcards.

LISTSOURCE – Absentee Owners List and Lists based on Demographics and Geography

REBOGATEWAY – Divorce, Tax Lien, Probate Lists

Sales Systems

WHOLESALE SALES PACK – Everything “Sales”

Human Resources Systems


GRASSHOPPER – Your Business Phone System On The Clod

PAYPAL – Receive and Send Money Online

FRESHBOOKS – Best Accounting Software