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Evans Ojwang
Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur
Market: Seattle, WA






Evans Ojwang Is a Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur/ Gym Rat in Seattle Washington. After dropping out his 3rd year of college, and after attempting his luck at Pro Basketball, he met a few Entrepreneurs, who he partnered with in Business, and was now on his way to pursue his Other Goal, which was Entrepreneurship. His Dream was to be a Pro Basketball player and then start a business after his career, but plans obviously changed, and he just had to take what life gave to him which was a good thing.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Seattle, Washington, He always had a purpose ever since he was 9 years old to take care of himself and His Family financially because he came from a humble beginning and knew he could change that with the opportunities that are available in the United States. As time passed, He also gained a deeper purpose to help others as well. Basketball was his first love and always will be but Business is always going to be his main focal point along with his Faith, Family, Health, and just having fun.

He started his Real Estate Investment business part-time in 2012 and slowly but surely built it to a level where he now works Full-Time in his business with a few employees and Virtual Assistants doing multiple deals per month. He has now started How2flip.net so he could share the knowledge he collected over the years so others can start their own operation and become successful a lot faster by learning from his mistakes, collected wisdom, and others wisdom on this Blog. I know this Bio sounds all Good and clean and perfect, but You will get to know Evans and his story through the Blog Posts and Social Media. Happy Flipping 🙂

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